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Dr Li has had a very positive impact on our lives, especially with our recent fertility challenges. We had tried and failed the IVF method for more than 2 years but we did not have any positive results. Since we started working together with Dr Li, we finally had success and became pregnant. His treatments helped prepare both our bodies and minds over a period of a few months. Dr Li treats his patients like they are close family. He is very easy going, genuine and compassionate about helping his patients achieve their goals of becoming pregnant. Thanks to Dr Li’s support, we are proud parents of a beautiful baby girl.

Dr Li has also treated our other close family members for issues ranging from female gynecology, to migraine headaches, weight control and stress relief. If you have any questions and would like to discuss our story, please feel free to contact us.
- Ladan and Moe Mizrachi, Manager

Dr. Li first treated my gynecological issues with herbal medicine. In less than two weeks my symptoms were relieved. Since that time I have been feeling as if I never had any issues. I’m also very happy to have Dr. Li as my primary physician treating my severe lower back, sciatica and leg pain with acupuncture. This includes a correct diagnosis and successful relief of the severe pain caused by my compressed and degenerated lumbar discs which originated from congenital scoliosis.
- Shana Tiene, CPA

Dr. Li has been a blessing in my life. His honest and humble approach is truly a refreshing experience in contrast to the typical Western Physician. He represents the culmination of professionalism and know-how of a real expert combined with the cautious approach of a scientific researcher who will not risk speculation but rather, will check and learn more before administering any treatment. To experience Dr. Li is like meeting a Grand Master with the qualities of humbleness and wisdom.

I have been treated for several different problems which were considered complicated by Western Doctors, yet it felt like the TCM system could easily solve some of these problems. I feel lucky and relieved to have found this solution. As far as pain treatment – it feels like the only real solution for me is TCM.
- Natan Gammer, Musician

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Dr. Li for his acupuncture treatment for my severely injured shoulder from an auto accident over twelve years ago. After numerous visits to doctors where they prescribed everything from cortisone shots to even surgery, I was in pain, had less than 120-degree mobility, could no longer lift up even a small hammer, and had given up on regaining the usage of my left shoulder.

After Dr. Li's initial acupuncture treatment, my shoulder immediately regained some mobility. True to his word indeed, after three months of acupuncture and herbal medicine treatments, along with recommended exercises, my shoulder was healed and totally normal again, without using surgery, cortisone shots or even pain killers. Dr. Li is an extremely high-caliber professional with knowledge, precision and ethics, and I truly recommend that anyone with health concerns seek help from him.
- Jeff Tseng, Software Engineer

I was trying to conceive when I was 40 years old. I know, I was behind on building a family... With kid(s), all my dreams would come true.

The first thing that I tried was to do it naturally, and I was successful to be pregnant one time, after one year of marriage. However, it did not survive, and we had to take it out on week 7. Then I started to see an OBGYN fertility specialist. Thanks to GOD first, as well as my OBGYN who had referred me a wonderful doctor of Chinese Medicine, Wallace Li. My OBGYN had suggested me see Dr. Li on the very first visit, and told me that Dr. Li could help my conditions. To make the long story short, I took Dr. Li's treatment program, Chinese herbs with acupuncture, and after 5 months, I had a successful, natural pregnancy at the age of mid 43. Now my healthy baby boy is 1.5 years old; he is so adorable, and I feel so happy. I truly thank Dr. Li, and recommend every “MOM to be” see Dr. Li, a true and rare doctor nowadays.
- Julie Muliiati, Marketing Manager

I highly recommend you see Doctor Li, if you are thinking about starting a family. Doctor Li can help you in ways you never thought were possible. He took a holistic and individualized approach to help me get pregnant. Within two weeks of following a treatment of daily medicinal herbal tea, I noticed a big difference. Not only did I feel stronger, energized and emotionally balanced, but my follicle count during IUI treatment also increased dramatically. The improvement was so obvious, that my Fertility doctor asked me what I had changed. Without Doctor Li's help, I would not have succeeded in getting pregnant NATURALLY.

Thanks Doctor Li!
- Leticia Gonzalez Ratchev, Sunnyvale, CA

Dr. Li was highly recommended to me by a renowned neurosurgeon. As a knowledgeable, honest, generous and skillful physician, Dr. Li, using acupuncture not only rid off my problems in the deep-muscle of the gluteus region, he also lessened the aches and pains on my lower spine and on my shoulders - improving the quality of my life.

He has my total trust and respect; I would seek his help on health issues without hesitation.
-Wen Shia Wang, - PhD

When a doctor gets sick, he needs another doctor to treat him; especially when it is not about taking pills. So when I got problems, I seek Dr. Li's help. What I particularly like about him is that: if he were the patient (with my type of ailment) and I am the doctor, I would have done virtually everything for him the way he did for me.

In my years of research in Oriental and Alternative Medicine, I have never found anyone with ideas so close to my own. Many doctors I have seen only once. Dr. Li is one that I return to time and again. Regard yourself fortunate to have found him for your doctor.
-K. Kit Sum, Dipl.Ac., Ph.D.

Having a baby through IVF seems the most advanced and promising approach for women facing infertility. It may work for some, but it ended up a nightmare for me. After going thru 3 years of hormonal therapy for irregular pituitary gland, 3 times IUI and 2 times IVF, my life was in chaos.

I gained weight, and my body and face changed shape. I had bulging right side of my back, so Jack my husband called me turtle, but I call myself hunchback from Rotterdam. I became very moody and fearful, and was often crying hysterically and upset easily without a reason. Then it worsened, and my body became so painful that I could hardly sleep at night. During the day, I was so tired of course. Often times, I had common flu and cold symptoms, and my family doctor would prescribe me antibiotics. And then I started having itchy eyes and stuffy nose every morning; I saw Jack’s doctor who had more experience, and I was so happy that he prescribed me with allergy pills. From then on Claritin became my companion in the morning and Tylenol by night. I thought I would be cured, but the symptoms just worsened further, as I experienced headaches, nausea, vomiting, and mucus built up in my head. Jack took me to ER one time, as it was difficult even for me to get out of the bed; the ER doctor concluded that I had menopausal symptoms, and prescribed me with another set of hormonal pills. I didn’t take my medications, as we started suspecting that was not the case.

As I began to think that the hormone was the culprit of all my problems, I started doing my own researches about my conditions. And the more I read, the more it makes sense that a natural approach will bring hope to my situation. We started researching TCM practitioners, and went to different Chinese doctors. We found that they are basically the same as Western doctors; there are good, mediocre and worst ones, so we kept on searching.

I was 48 when I found Dr. Li. It might be too late for my infertility treatment, but I was fortunate enough to have found Dr. Li to help me to identify the true cause of my sufferings -- hormonal overdose. His treatments are based on genuine, classic TCM, which certainly brought my health back. My “hunchback” has improved very noticeably, and I have no more allergy, back pain, mood swing, nausea, nor vomiting; I sleep well, and the best of all, I start seeing “me” again, as my face getting back to normal.

Besides that I am so thankful to Dr. Li’s expertise in TCM, which brought my health back, I am deeply moved when I see his compassion side, as he is willing to share his true knowledge of natural medicine with all, because he thinks that can bring health to the most people.
-Judy Chen, Entrepreneur
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