Harmonize your menstruation naturally! Enhance your ability to become pregnant naturally.

Fertilit-Ease is a series of herbal extracts in granule form which are used to enhance fertility effectively. For women, there are four products which are specifically designed for each of the four phases of the menstrual cycle. Fertilit-Ease/A is used to regulate the menstrual/bleeding phase of a cycle to ensure the menstrual flow is smooth and complete. Fertilit-Ease/B is to harmonize and strengthen the female's follicular phase. Fertilit-Ease/C is to ensure a smooth ovulation; it is taken from two to four days before ovulation for most women. And finally the Fertilit-Ease/D is to tonify the luteal phase for healthy endometrial lining. While most women may need to harmonize two or three phases, some may require regulation for all four phases.

A male reproduction system tonic is also provided with the Fertilit-Ease/M. To aid conception, it is highly recommended that the male partner take the Fertilit-Ease/M for five to ten days prior to the female partner's ovulation.

The average dosage of the Fertilit-Ease is about 6g, twice a day, but the dosage may differ depending on the person's condition and body weight.

Cost: $55 per bottle (100g) for each Fertilit-Ease product.
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